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Storage Newcastle

Self-Storage in Newcastle

Storage in Newcastle

If you are seeking storage in Newcastle, our self-storage facility offers affordable storage options for you.

  • Modular storage
  • Individually locked units in our locked, alarmed and monitored warehouse
  • 6 different size units for flexibility
  • Insulated from outside temperatures
  • Weather and vermin proof
  • Ground floor / Easy access – Quicker and Cheaper
  • Clean and tidy
  • Competitively Priced

Most storage facilities will charge in fortnightly or monthly blocks. Then, if you move out only a few days into the next month, you will be made to pay the full balance. At Acrobat Storage you only pay until the day you leave. That means that when you move out, you only pay for actual time spent in storage.

Pack furniture the right way

Unloading into storage is a crucial job, even more so than unloading into a house. If everything is not packed correctly, upon removal from your unit, you often find lounges and mattresses with permanent dents and blemishes, shiny surfaces with scratches and fragile items broken. Our employees are trained in the correct way to pack a storage unit which means you can be confident that everything will come out in the same condition as it went in.

Be careful with other operators

Sometimes other Newcastle furniture removalists don’t do storage properly. They might stack all of your belongings in an open space merely covered by tarpaulin, open to vermin and thieves. Other removalists might store your gear in a shipping container. They are often picked up and delivered with a tilt tray truck, and when a container full of furniture is tilted, the contents will shift, causing breakages. Containers also suffer the extremes of the heat and cold, which can crack and warp furniture over time. Containers can also cause water damage and mould.

The last thing that you want is to have your furniture come out of storage in a different condition than when it went in.

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