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    Customer access 65 Howden St.

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    10 Easy Tips To De-stress Your Move

    They say moving house can be as stressful as a marriage breakup or even a death in the family! You need to understand that on moving day, even though your removalists will be doing all of the heavy lifting, it can still be a stressful procedure; that is unless you properly prepare for it. Remembering these 10 easy tips before the arrival of your removal team, will ensure everything will run much smoother on moving day. • Charge your phone…...Read More


    Moving Interstate: Things you need to know.

    Moving interstate is logistically different to moving locally, and therefore needs to be approached differently, particularly when considering important things like deciding on the most suitable suburb to live in, the school that's the right fit for the kids, which removalist to go with, right down to realising that you'll need to pack your belongings better and with better packing materials due to the distances to be travelled. It is never as straight forward as one would expect it to be.…...Read More

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    7 Ways to Save Money When Moving House

    Planning and Preparation The key to a smooth move is "planning and preparation". When moving locally most remocalists charge by the hour; for an hourly rate move to go well it needs to be performed like a well-oiled machine, so reducing the duration of your move will save money when moving house. Interstate moves are charged on volume so reducing the quantity to be moved will reduce the cost. Choosing the Right Removalist for You It is good advice for…...Read More


    The 7 Benefits of Module Storage with Acrobat

    Acrobat has 7 great reasons to use Module Storage for your storage needs! We bring them, we pack them,  we store them in our locked and alarmed storage premises at Mayfield East.Whenever you require access to your belongings, a quick phone call will result in your module being placed on the floor ready for you when you arrive. A small handling fee is charged for this service. It is generally known that when you put  your items into a storage situation, unless you supply your…...Read More

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    Storage Modules Versus Other Methods of Storage

    What are Modules? Modules are mobile storage units made from durable, industrial plywood. Being mobile, a forklift simply loads the empty modules onto a truck, which then drives straight to your home. They are packed with your furniture and belongings then brought back to the warehouse, forked off and stacked. This maximises efficiency of space, which reduces the cost of warehousing. It is for this reason that modules are superior. You can't beat free storage in your parent's garage, can…...Read More


    De-clutter Your Life (Through the eyes of a woman)

    Life is so full these days we seem to have less and less time and we move faster and faster. We also seem to accumulate more and more stuff. Whether it's that dress that was a present from your mum that doesn't go with anything but you really should keep because you could never bring yourself to part with it or a multitude of other stuff, we end up with less space and more stuff. Clutter Breeds Confusion There is…...Read More

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    Moving On The Cheap = Damages + Injuries & No Friends

    Moving on the Cheap Sounds Good! It's easy for people to move furniture on the cheap, and many do; but it's not so easy when: The people moving the furniture don't know what they're doing. The moving vehicle is not purpose built for furniture removals. They don't have professional moving equipment. When people don't really know what they're doing, they've got the wrong vehicle and they havent't got the right equipment they're going to have dramas, no doubt about it.…...Read More

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    6 Reasons Storage Modules can Make Your Life Easier.

    1.Unsynchronised double settelement. A large percentage of house moves are performed in a double settlement situation. This is where the solicitor or conveyancer for the moving-out house organises the settlement to occur on a certain time and date; and the moving in house settlement is also planned to settle on a particular time and date.It is convenient for he purchaser to have both the sale of their old property and the purchase of their new one coincide with each other,…...Read More

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