Supporting our Community


We are a Newcastle based group of volunteers who receive and sort books that have been donated by kind people. We then load the boxes of books into our vehicles and we take them out to present them to kids in isolated Outback Schools and Communities. Some of the people out there have never even owned a book, so it can be a very heart-warming experience to witness the genuine appreciation on the faces of some of these hard up Australians, particularly the Indiginous kids. Acrobat helps by donating an industrial unit to operate out of, providing a vehicle/trailer for the Outback deliveries, overseeing operations, and helping to pay for various expenses such as Insurances and Fuel, as well as setting up and maintaining the Facebook page and probably a Website in the future.

Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter

Their Annual Book Fair has traditionally been a great fundraiser, with all proceeds from the book sale going towards funding their Suicide Prevention Helpline. For a number of years Acrobat has helped out by receiving and storing all of the boxes of books for the Fair for months beforehand, then loading them all up and delivering them to the venue on the day before the sale. Besides doing the storing and delivering, we also paid the rent on the venue so that every bit of the money they raised was able to go towards helping people and saving lives.

Newcastle Basket Brigade

“Helping those in our local area who may have fallen on hard times, or just need to be reminded that someone cares and that Christmas can be full of love”. The Brigade fundraises throughout the year to put together baskets of food and suitable gifts at Christmas that they deliver anonymously to the recipient’s door. They brighten the lives of adults and children alike – older persons, single-parents, mums and dads, teenagers, toddlers, school aged kids, even babies. Acrobat helps the Brigade by moving the goods from storage to the Masonic Hall at Wallsend so they can create their Baskets. Once the baskets have been assembled with all of the contents then wrapped up, an Acrobat volunteer then loads all the baskets up and delivers them back to storage, ready for distribution. This year, besides just transporting them around, we are going to offer to receive and store their goods for them as well.
Big thanks to one of our drivers Dave, who volunteered his time for them last Christmas.

Carrington Bowling Club

We believe Bowling Clubs are the epitome of “Community”, in that they are quintessential Aussie local meeting and gathering places who give back to their “Community”.
Many Bowling Clubs have been closed up and sold off in recent years and we have lost quite a few close by, whereas Carrington’s is actually expanding; they were seeking funding for a new viewing balcony to overlook Connolly Park, so we tipped in for that by sponsoring their nude calendar; oh dear!

This is Mayfield 2304

This is Mayfield 2304 is an initiative of Remake, and Mayfield Business Association.
Its aim is to identify blocks and parcels of land around Mayfield that are strewn with rubbish and are overgrown; they clean up those blocks to revitalise Mayfield, the suburb that Acrobat are proud to have started out in over 20 years ago. We believe this is a really worthy cause, so we helped out a bit on their inaugural gala day.
The Better Blocks mantra is “Revitalising our Mayfield Streets, one Block at a time”.


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Dowling Lake Macquarie

Situated at the Crossroads Glendale, in the heart of Lake Macquarie which provides their clients with maximum exposure for their homes. At Dowling Lake Macquarie we believe we have the specialist experience and training to provide the very best service to our clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your Real Estate needs. 4958 8177 Main Road Glendale NSW 2285

BJ HIll & Associates Conveyancers

BJ Hill & Associates Conveyancers include our Acrobat brochures inside all of their information packs and thank you packs, which they give and send out to all of their clients. If you are in need of a quality conveyancing service particularly around the Northlakes area, give the bubbly Billie a call on 02 4947 4888, or drop in to see them at their office located at 2/73 King St, Warners Bay.For extra special service over and above the norm, tell her Acrobat Removals sent you

Speak to one of our friendly team 02 4940 9500

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