Do you move plants?

Most removalists don’t like moving plants because they can be very awkward to move; also, they can leave dirt and ants inside the truck and they leak water; however, we have refined our method of moving plants, and therefore don’t normally have a problem moving them, just so long as they have been properly prepared prior to our arrival.

  • Remove dirt from terracotta pots into containers & place plant roots into plastic bags
  • Do not to water plants for at least 2 days prior to the move.

Please note that we will not move any terracotta pots that are not totally empty. This is because the excess weight of the dirt increases the likelihood they will crack and break; so, decant all dirt into plastic, spill-proof containers and make sure there are no ants, and use plastic pots or durable garbage bags for the plants.

Between Properties? Need your Plants Minded? Store with us!

Plants require regular watering and exposure to sunlight; it is for these reasons that they should not be put into storage with everything else; however, if your plants need minding, Acrobat has a specialised plant minding service available.

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