What are the Do's and Do Not's of a DIY pre-pack?

  • Use Industry Standard removalist cartons and packing materials

When doing any pre-packing yourself, we advise that you use only industry standard sized cartons, the proper white butchers’ type paper and good packing tape; the main reason of course is that your breakables will be better protected, which should be important to you because, as per the AFRA Contract for Removals & Storage, a Removalist will not be held responsible for damage/s to the contents of PBO’s (packed by owner cartons).

You can purchase all the packing materials you will need from us through our online store.

  • Use Safe Spot Cartons

A safe spot carton is the last carton onto the truck and the first off the truck.

Having one of these sitting open in a handy location such as a kitchen benchtop is a good idea to put small items in that you may want to find in a hurry or are easily lost such as keys, landline phones, mobiles, laptops, chargers and remote controls; they’re also the best place to put bed bolts and tools.

  • Pre-Pack all items smaller than a removalist carton

Pack all items smaller than a removalist carton (even small boxes such as shoe boxes, and boxes for small appliances) into these cartons, so when the time comes for the move, the job of packing the truck will be much quicker and easier because everything will be a more uniform shape; this will likely save you money, particularly if we are doing your job on an hourly rate.

  • Tape bundles of long handled items together

Another good tip is, when you are preparing your long-handled garden tools for transport, bundle them together and tightly wrap tape around the bundle to keep everything together.

  • Leading up to the move use up as much food as you can

In the weeks and months leading up to the move, it is great advice to use up as much food as you can, both from your cold-stores as well as out of your pantry; this way there will be less that will need to be packed and moved, and you will be using up items that will be getting closer to their “use by” dates.

  • DO NOT source random boxes

It may seem like a bargain if you get random boxes from work or off the internet, you will save in the short term, however, in the long-term you will find it takes longer for the boxes to be moved and they won’t provide your goods with the same protection that specialised removalist cartons can.

  • DO NOT use plastic tubs or large storage bags

We prefer that you don’t use those large striped bags or plastic tubs, because they can easily break when heavier items are stacked on top of them. If you do have bags and tubs, we can still transport them, but they take a little longer to load into the truck.

  • DO NOT pack prohibited items

Don’t forget that dry cell batteries are prone to leakage when left sitting for extended periods of time (applicable if coming into store); when this happens, the acid corrodes that item which will make it worthless. Therefore, whilst performing the pre-pack, it is always a clever idea to identify all items that have batteries in them, and to remove those batteries; while you are doing this exercise, check for any Prohibited Items and remove them from the load so you can either dispose of those items or make alternative arrangements for them (see Prohibited Items).

  • DO NOT pack Perishable Items (if coming into store)

Perishable items should never be put into storage because they are likely to attract vermin.

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