How do I prepare my refrigerator and freezer?

It is fine to switch appliances less than 10 years old off just before they are moved, but after the relocation has taken place they should be left to sit for at least ½ an hour before switching on; this allows the gas settle.

The proper way to prepare fridges and freezers for transportation is to first unplug them and empty them of their contents, putting everything into eskies and the like; leave them switched off until they are defrosted, then remove all shelves, trays and drawers and properly clean with hot, soapy water remembering to empty and sponge out the condensation tray at the back; to give it that fresh smell, add a splash of vanilla essence to the water.

Before moving into a storage situation, the doors should be left open for a period so that it can settle down to room temperature and it should be totally free of moisture; they should then be closed to protect the seals. To prevent the possibility of mould occurring, put a teabag or moisture removing bag on every shelf and inside every drawer.

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