What is a safe spot carton?

A safe spot carton is the last carton onto the truck and the first off the truck. Having one of these sitting open in a handy location such as a kitchen benchtop is a good idea to put small items in that you may want to find in a hurry or are easily lost such as keys, landline phones, mobiles, laptops, chargers and remote controls; they’re also the best place to put bed bolts and tools. You might even decide to pop in an electric kettle, coffee, sugar, UHT milk and a couple of mugs for when you arrive at the new place.

Into Store:

When you are deciding which of your belongings will be going into store, be mindful that there might be some items that you will want to keep with you, such as certain documents and passports, pharmaceutical prescriptions, key sets and hanging cords etc. (refer to Pre-Packing section regarding use of the Safe Spot carton).

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