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Module Storage, it’s a no-brainer!

What is Module Storage?

Module Storage is the latest in storage innovations. Modules are mobile storage units constructed of industrial plywood. They are fully enclosed with hinged doors and hold a sensible 10 cubic metres of goods. Their design allows for air circulation around the Module, maintaining an optimal environment for your possessions. Module Storage units are delivered to your address and packed by our experienced removialists. They are then taken back to be stored in our locked and alarmed warehouse. Access to your module is gained by simply calling the office, where upon it will be placed on the floor for your arrival.

Till now storage options have been limited to storage units, shipping containers, or a generous friend of the family with an empty garage. All of these options have disadvantages in one form or another, and they have all been superseded with our new Modules.

Self-storage units are often expensive and can come with access issues such as stairs and internal walkways; mum’s garage can easily spring a leak, with vermin and nosy family members getting unrestricted access, which is not good; and mum’s garage is only available while mums not needing it. Besides that, everything needs to be double-handled when moving in, as well as out. Shipping containers are often too big and are normally stored outside, meaning the weather will cook your furniture in summer and freeze it in winter; the tiniest hole can allow moisture to enter resulting in your goods being ruined by water damage and mildew.

Newcastle BackloadingAll furniture moved by Acrobat Removals is individually wrapped in our professional furniture removal blankets; whilst stored in our Modules, your furniture remains wrapped in them for the duration. We can store your goods short term between moving house, or long term when space at home is an issue. Our rental fees are monthly but to reduce your cost, on exit you will be refunded the portion of that month that you didn’t use!

When you want your goods back your module will be transported to your new home and our highly trained removalists will place your goods where you want them. Moving interstate is easy when using Modules. We simply pack the module with the items you want to move, and then when you’re ready for it, we fork it on an interstate truck to be professionally unpacked at the other end. This means that your belongings wont need to be double handled and will remain secure, rather than being mixed in with other peoples gear as would be the case with a backloader inside a truck.

That’s why Modular storage is a no-brainer!

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