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Furniture Storage Newcastle


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Be amazed when you learn just how good Acrobat Modules are to store furniture in, because Modules are the most intelligent method available; they’re World Class Storage!


  • No double-handling (can save big money on handling costs, and there’s less chance of damages)

  • Never out in the elements (no heat/water damage to furniture)

  • Very secure (like Fort Knox)

Perfect for Interstate Moving (weekly service Gold Coast – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide)


Smallish, room sized containers, Modules are purpose-built solely for the storage and transportation of furniture; they’re just the right size for the job.


Acrobat Removalists096

Acrobat Modules are Australian made and are constructed from marine grade plywood. They are built on top of a large pallet base which makes them easy to move around with a forklift; we load them into our waterproof trucks and stack them 3 high in our warehouse.


We get them delivered to our warehouse, ready pre-fabbed from the manufacturer. We then assemble them and equip each of them with 20 furniture removal pads (blankets which we wrap around each item of furniture) for the protection of furniture against scratching and breakage.


Being able to stack them 3 high inside our huge warehouse, means Modules maximise the efficiency of warehousing space; this makes them more affordable than other options, and because they’re never outside in the elements there is no risk of water damage to your belongings. Further to that, our Modules are engineered to promote the circulation of air around, them so they stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


When a customer engages us for a move into store, we fork the correct amount of empty Modules into one of our multi-purpose pantech trucks. The guys drive out to the Customer’s place where they professionally pack everything into the Modules, then return back to the warehouse where the Modules are forked off and stacked; so when it is time to move back out of storage, they are simply forked back onto the truck and everything gets delivered at the new address, easy peasey.


Our Modules are light years ahead of any other form of furniture storage methods, such as:


Storage Units (Such as Storage King, Safe n Sound, All Purpose and Kennards)

When using self-storage units to store your furniture in, every item gets handled no less than 4 times in the process; and some of these storage facilities have lifts and long corridors down them, so during the moving in/out process your furniture can get handled up to 10, even 12 times!


  • MODULES SAVE YOU MONEY They really are a game changer because nothing needs to be double handled; they make the job easier and quicker which can save you heaps

When moving in and out of Storage Units, because everything needs to be handled multiple times, there is obviously a greater risk of damage to your furniture.

  • LESS HANDLING WHEN USING MODULES = Much less risk of damages to your furniture


Shipping Containers

(Shipping Containers are called that because they are manufactured to contain and transport bulky goods all over the world on ships; they were never designed to store furniture in)


Shipping containers – really aren’t the right size to store furniture in; imagine trying to find a fridge inside a Container full of furniture; it could take all day to find it then you’ll need to put everything back in!

container_stacksUntitled (3)old-red-shipping-container-door-text-technical-characteristics-background-photo-texture-55457906

  • MODULES ARE THE RIGHT SIZE They’re designed specifically for the storage and transportation of furniture

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Shipping Containers are prone to water damage – when they reach the end of their working life, Shipping Containers are often bought cheaply by furniture removal companies to store furniture in for their customers? Old Shipping Containers can easily develop pinholes in the roof and walls, particularly in and around the welds, and when the door-hinges have been used a lot they become worn; this allows the entry of moisture and rain in there, and because items put into storage are often not accessed for long periods of time (sometimes years), when they are finally accessed, the discovery of water damage, mould and mildew can be a devastating experience.

Also, another problem regarding moisture is when items get locked up in an airtight environment such as a Shipping Container they sweat; this causes condensation which is another cause of water damage.

  • YOU’LL NEVER GET WATER DAMAGED ITEMS WHEN USING MODULES – They’re never outside, so there is no risk

Shipping Containers are often stored outside in the elements, so the items stored inside are often exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold; this causes cracking and warpage of furniture items.

Imagine a hot day outside where it’s 40 degrees outside and you have a closed-up container sitting out there in the direct sun; it will easily get to 60 or even 80 degrees in there. That sort of heat will literally bake your furniture, just like an oven!

  • NO HEAT-CRACKING OR WARPAGE WITH MODULESThey’re always undercover, and they’re designed to promote air flow around them so they’re cooler in summer and warmer in winter

 Shipping containers are big; even the small ones hold about the equivalent of a large 3 – 4 bedroom household, so if there is any less than that amount of furniture, there will be wasted space (which makes them uneconomical); and if there is even slightly more than one container full, a second container will be required (which will make for even more wasted space). Therefore besides the fact that Shipping Containers are uneconomical, when they are used to transport furniture all over the countryside, there is a higher incidence of damages due to items rolling around in there during transit.

  • NO WASTED SPACE IN MODULESPurpose-built just for furniture so there is no wasted space; this equates to better value for money and less/no damages

 Shipping Containers are sometimes picked up and delivered off the back of tilt tray trucks; this can be a problem because when a Container gets put on an angle, items can easily become crushed as the load shifts.

  • MODULES ARE ALWAYS KEPT LEVELPrevents crushing of furniture


Other Companies that do Modules

As is the case with any moving vessel used to transport furniture, if the items inside haven’t been packed by professionals who employ the correct loading techniques, and if they don’t have the right equipment, there will always be a higher incidence of damages.

When loading a Module, it is pretty much like doing a 3 D jigsaw puzzle (tetrus); it stands to reason that people with minimal experience in packing Modules are going to take considerably longer to do the job (costing someone more in labour); not just that, but they’ll end up needing more Modules to complete the job than if it was just done by professionals in the first place.

Unlike furniture Pantech trucks, Modules don’t have tie-off points to anchor the items inside them; so if the people packing them don’t really know what they’re doing, they’re going to have all sorts of problems.

There are other Companies around that do Modules, claiming to do them cheaper than anyone else, but corners are going to need to be cut to do them on the cheap. Believe it or not, the companies out there that offer Modules at a super-cheap price often end up costing the customer more than the Professionals.

Ways they cut corners when doing Modules:


  • Use sub-standard labour to pack them, such as back-packers
  • Scrimp on the quality and amount of protective blankets and packing materials
  • Using unprofessional flat-bed trucks which are open to the elements and which don’t have any side-loading platforms and ramps for speed and safety when loading
  • Scrimp on equipment in the truck

When making the decision on which Company to go with for your Modules, it is very important to understand that if the guys packing them aren’t professionals, it is going to take them longer to pack the items in there (sometimes much longer), and they will likely require more Modules to get the job done because they’re not able to fit everything into the ones that were allocated. When that happens it is going to cost someone dearly, particularly when the storage is over a long period of time.


Why use Acrobat for your Modules?


  • EXPERIENCE – You can have confidence that when Acrobat Removals load Modules, they are being done by Professional Furniture Removalists who have been trained in the art of packing Modules.


  • TRUCKS AND EQUIPMENT – All Acrobat trucks are professionally sign-written and regularly cleaned, and when you look inside you’ll see that the equipment on board is second to none; mandatory equipment such as harness-type lifting straps, 2 x 2 wheeled trolleys, piano trolley (Sammy) and ladder, and a full set of hand-tools


  • FURNITURE REMOVAL BLANKETS (PADS) – Acrobat Modules come with 20 professional furniture removal blankets (pads); you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your furniture items get professionally wrapped for maximum protection.


  • SECURITY – Our Acrobat warehouse is like Fort Knox; besides having 6 x CCTV cameras operating 24 hours per day it has a state-of-the-art security system with back to base monitoring, and it sits inside a barbed wire topped perimeter fence with locked gates!


What else are Modules good for?

  • INTERSTATE MOVING – Modules really come into their own when the customer wants to move interstate after a period in storage, whether it’s been 2 days or 2 years.


You see, Acrobat are partners in the Safe & Clever Group; we have a Module delivery service that goes from and to the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide weekly, sometimes bi-weekly.


So when the Customer requires their Modules to be delivered out of store, their Module/s are simply forked onto our B Double Interstater, then forked back off at the correct depot; then at a time and day that suits the customer they’re forked back onto one the local trucks and everything gets professionally delivered to the Customer’s new address.   


The Customer can have total peace of mind knowing that everything gets treated with the same level of respect and professionalism at the other end as that shown by Acrobat on the load-up.

  • DELAYED SETTLEMENTS – When purchasing a new home and there is already an existing home to sell, it is often the aim of the solicitors to have both houses to settle at the same time (double settlement). When this happens, if the moving out and in doesn’t go according to plan, things can get messy; and when a settlement gets interrupted, things can get real stressful and can become very costly.

 When a settlement becomes interrupted, it is called a delayed settlement; it can take anywhere between 1 hour to weeks to rectify the situation so that settlement can finally take place.

Back in the day, whenever there was a delayed settlement, we had little option but to pay the removalists to sit and wait and hope it would get fixed quickly, and when it didn’t, someone had to make the tough decision of when to bite the bullet and get everything unloaded into a storage unit; so once settlement finally ended up taking place, our truck would turn back up at the storage unit and we would have to load everything again and finally deliver everything to the new home.

However now that we have Modules, the customer can always be in control of the situation. If there is a risk of the settlement getting delayed, we will simply fork on the right amount of empty Modules onto the truck loading them just the same as if we were loading a normal truck. The difference would be that if there is an issue with settlement, the guys will simply  drive back to the depot and fork the full Modules off, so when everything gets sorted, we will simply fork them back on and deliver them; easy peasy! 

Using Modules in these types of situations puts the customer in control of any eventuality, so besides saving money, they are a free get-out-of-jail-card when things go wrong, guaranteeing a stress-free move.


Quite simply, Modules make for World Class Storage and Moving!

Check out our FAQ and Tips & Advice pages for even more reasons to use our Modules.

For all enquiries and a free quote on a Newcastle module furniture removal or storage please call our friendly office staff on 02 4960 0688.

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