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Packing Tips for Moving Home

Many people chose to save time and money by packing their own boxes for moving house. This is a great idea but needs to be done properly to prevent damages and to make the move run smoothly. If time is limited it can be quicker to leave it to the experts. There are limitations on transit insurance if you pack your own boxes.  That is why we have put together our list of packing tips for moving home.

Good ideas

  • Be organised and get your packing materials organised well in advance so you can pack up your least used items to reduce the last minute rush and stress.
  • Double tape box bottoms with good quality packing tape.
  • Using uniform boxes built for the purpose makes it easier to load the truck and can reduce the time it takes to load and unload. Particularly important if you are doing an hourly rate move. Be sure not to use old boxes that have contained fruit or other odorous items that will make your items smell.
  • When packing fragile items and china in the smaller book, wine and crystal boxes. Put crushed packing paper in the bottom of the box to cushion breakables and put another layer of crushed paper on the top. Stack plates on their edge and use bubble wrap on larger fragile items. Pack items snugly to prevent movement.
  • If an item fits in a box pack it in a box (lampshades, small appliances) this reduces the time it takes to load and unload and keeps your items safe.
  • Do not overload boxes and use smaller boxes for heavy items such as books.
  • Label boxes with their destination room and the items in it to make unpacking and locating items easier.
  • Use specifically designed boxes for mirrors, paintings, Plasma TVs to keep them well protected. Porta- robes keep suits and delicate fabrics from crushing and needing pressing after your move. Visit our box shop for example of these.
  • If packing to go into storage use extra protection when packing boxes. Use good quality packing tape that is less likely to deteriorate over time. Leave boxes that contain items that may need to be accessed to the front of the storage unit. Ask the Acrobats for plastics to protect your furniture such as lounges and mattresses while in storage.

We hope you find our packing tips for moving home valuable for your next move.  If you would like to avoid the stress and hassle of doing it yourself, get a free online removalist quote to let Acrobat Removals look after all the hard work.

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