Interstate Removals

If you are planning an interstate removal or a long-distance move, call the Acrobats.

Common Routes

Some of our common routes include:

  • To / From NSW & ACT
  • To / From Brisbane & Queensland
  • To / From Melbourne & Victoria
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If you are planning an interstate removal or a long-distance move, call the Acrobats. We normally use Modules for long hauls; because they’re portable, we simply load them onto the truck and pack them at your place, and then fork them back off at the depot; when a scheduled linehauler is going past, we simply fork them on to be unpacked at your destination. Because there is less manpower required, the cost of the move will be less. We know our customers want the best quality service they can get, but we also know that the price should be right. Acrobat Renewals and Storage have a great level of experience in the industry, making us the go to team when you need an experienced removalist at an affordable price.

The moving specialists

We are a member of the Safe and Clever Group have a small number of partner companies who run weekly and sometimes bi-weekly interstate runs to and from: Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, the Gold Coast and right up to North Queensland; and everywhere in between. We know that no two jobs are the same, so we tailor our services to your precise needs. Our goal is always to meet your requirements perfectly while still keeping our costs affordable. With clients across Australia from Newcastle to Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, we help more people in more places and are proud to be the go to removalists no matter the size of the job. This service goes right down to the materials we use, from the boxes all the way to the tape.

Removalists that take pride in what they do

A comprehensive inventory is kept ensuring no items are left behind or misplaced on the truck. We take full accountability of the goods that we transport, ensuring that if it’s on our trucks we will get the items to you.

Request a free quote online, or call 4960 0688. We love talking to you about the different options available to you and how we can best assist you with your move or storage needs.

For specific routes and quotes please contact us on the details above and make the smarter choice. Don’t get caught out by putting your trust companies without a quality track record – invest in the best and keep your peace of mind with the experts at Acrobat Removals and Storage in the Hunter Valley.

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