Modular Furniture Storage

A better option to any other type of storage available in Newcastle.

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Furniture Storage Newcastle – Modules

If you are going to want to store your furniture, it’s good advice to call Acrobat Removals first; we are now able to offer a better option to any other type of storage available in Newcastle with our revolutionary Furniture Modules.

Modules are small, room sized containers which fork into our purpose-built enclosed truck, we bring them out to your place and pack all of your belongings into them professionally, then take them back to our warehouse where they are forked off and stacked.

If you want to store your furniture, you will find two other options available to you, being storage units and shipping containers. Our Modules are light years ahead of the opposition for a number of reasons, such as:

Acrobat Modules vs Traditional Storage Units

  • Even though storage units are a viable option, every item stored in them has to be handled no less than 4 times; that’s load the truck, unload into storage, (then when ready to move out) load it back into the truck, then unload it yet again at the new address. This is the main reason why modules are superior; because they make the job much faster and easier; and you know that time is money!
  • It’s also important to note that because there is no need to double handle everything when using Acrobat Modules, there is much less likelihood of damages due to excessive manhandling.

Acrobat Modules vs Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are big:

  • They hold about the size of a 3 bedroom home; so if you have considerably less than that, there will be wasted space which creates 2 problems, being wasted space makes them uneconomical, and also the fact that there is an increased likelihood of damages due to items moving around during transit. Of course the other problem is that if there is just 1 more item than the container will hold, another container will be required, which again will be uneconomical.

Modules are the better option, in that due to their smaller size, there is rarely wasted space.

More reasons to use Acrobat Modules over Containers

  • Every Module comes equipped with up to 20 professional furniture removal blankets; this is a huge bonus because it will give you peace of mind knowing that everything gets properly protected.
  • Modules are only transported level by a forklift, whereas Containers are often picked up and delivered by tilt tray trucks; it doesn’t take much imagination to work out why there is a higher incidence of damages when using containers, because when they are put on an angle everything can get crushed when the load shifts.
  • Acrobat Modules are stored inside our warehouse, as opposed to containers which are normally stored outside in the weather. This means that items of furniture inside Modules are not subject to water-damage from worn door hinges or pinholes in the roof or sides of the container.
  • Modules are engineered to promote the circulation of air around them, which keeps them cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thus eliminating cracking and warping.

Also, as our Modules are stored inside our locked and alarmed warehouse, you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is safe and secure

  • Our Acrobat modules are simply forked onto our truck and brought to your home to be packed by our professional furniture removalists. They are then closed and returned to the warehouse to be stacked, maximising space efficiency, which reduces the cost of warehousing. Alternatively they can be transported straight to your new destination, whether it’s around the corner or in another state. When purchasing a new home, a large proportion of moves are performed in a double settlement situation. It was previously the case that unless one was able to coincide their sale and purchase, one was left with little option but to have all their possessions placed into storage until their new home purchase had settled. When faced with an unexpected, potentially messy settlement, our Newcastle furniture storage modules puts you in control, making your move cheaper and stress free.

Check out our FAQ and news pages for even more reasons to use our modules.

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