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Storage Needs for Apartment Living

Apartment living Creates a Demand for Storage

There’s no doubt us Novocatrians have well and truly embraced apartment living. We love our new apartments with views of the beaches and up the harbour, as well as the fact that they incorporate the minimalistic features of modern Australian design, being sleek clean lines and uncluttered space making them appear bigger than they really are. The collect-ables and junk that you see around your average house totally conflicts with what you would see inside your average apartment these days.In the late 80s and 90s we were building bigger homes but the trend is now to downsize to apartment living. We now like the look of open plan rooms with clutter free living areas and built in robes, which supersedes the requirement for furniture such as wardrobes, tallboys, lowboys and bedside tables: even the ironing board is build in! These days storage space and excess cupboards are not a major consideration in design; you’re lucky to get a parking space let alone a single or double garage! We are a nation of consumers but very few of us like to part with our purchases, so where do we keep the family treasures and all those items that we want to keep for the next generation, as well as the important documents which must be kept for legal reasons?

Acrobat Removals Newcastle have an Innovative Storage Solution.

We provide mobile Storage Modules that have a sensible 10 cubic meters of storage space. They are brought to you to be packed with these items, and then taken back to our locked and alarmed warehouse where they are forked off the truck and stacked. Accessing your module is as simple as a phone call, which will result in your module being placed on the floor so you can get to your gear when your want. One of the real benefits of Module Storage is when you move house you simply get the Module taken to your new address, rather than packing the contents onto a truck, transporting to your new address, then unloading . Storing this way saves lots of double handling reducing the likelihood of damages, besides making it easier and cheaper!

Maybe rather than thinking outside the box, it’s time to think inside the box, or rather the Acrobat Storage Module!

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