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The Way I Used to Move

When I say the way I used to move I don’t mean when I was young and my joints didn’t protest as much, though that has some bearing on why I choose to move with Acrobat now.
I would scavenge for boxes and pack everything myself and put all the clothes and linen into garbage bags. We would hire a moving truck and get our friends and family to help with the move and spend the next week sorting through boxes trying to find where they put it all. We would then find most of our friends lost our phone number somehow. Those were the good old days when we were young and dumb.

The first time I moved with a removalist was because my husband was ill and I couldn’t do it all myself. What a revelation that was. The boys were so organized and helpful and what took days and even weeks for me to do they did in no time. Breakages were nil and I could find all the items I needed when we got there. The cost wasn’t as high as I expected because they we so efficient and best of all I still had all my friends.

Now that I work for Acrobat Removals it has become abundantly clear why moving home is best left to the professionals. Our men are experienced, trained in the safest and fastest methods to pack and move things. They pack the truck like a Tetris puzzle and get things into smaller spaces than you could imagine so you can use the most efficient vehicle. On top of that they buyback your boxes and reduce your need to clean up.

My days of stressing, packing, lifting and aching for a week afterward and losing stuff are over. Trust the Acrobats and make your move less stressful and keep your friends.

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