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Storage Modules Versus Other Methods of Storage

What are Modules? Modules are mobile storage units made from durable, industrial plywood. Being mobile, a forklift simply loads the empty modules onto a truck, which then drives straight to your home. They are packed with your furniture and belongings then brought back to the warehouse, forked off and stacked. This maximises efficiency of space, which reduces the cost of warehousing. It is for this reason that modules are superior. You can't beat free storage in your parent's garage, can…...Read More

De-clutter Your Life (Through the eyes of a woman)

Life is so full these days we seem to have less and less time and we move faster and faster. We also seem to accumulate more and more stuff. Whether it's that dress that was a present from your mum that doesn't go with anything but you really should keep because you could never bring yourself to part with it or a multitude of other stuff, we end up with less space and more stuff. Clutter Breeds Confusion There is…...Read More

Moving On The Cheap = Damages + Injuries & No Friends

Moving on the Cheap Sounds Good! It's easy for people to move furniture on the cheap, and many do; but it's not so easy when: The people moving the furniture don't know what they're doing. The moving vehicle is not purpose built for furniture removals. They don't have professional moving equipment. When people don't really know what they're doing, they've got the wrong vehicle and they havent't got the right equipment they're going to have dramas, no doubt about it.…...Read More

6 Reasons Storage Modules can Make Your Life Easier.

1.Unsynchronised double settelement. A large percentage of house moves are performed in a double settlement situation. This is where the solicitor or conveyancer for the moving-out house organises the settlement to occur on a certain time and date; and the moving in house settlement is also planned to settle on a particular time and date.It is convenient for he purchaser to have both the sale of their old property and the purchase of their new one coincide with each other,…...Read More

Interstate Removals – Sydney to the Gold Coast

Moving interstate is always a difficult task but a few good reasons to move to the Gold Coast over the next 12 months may give you food for thought. Housing prices on the Gold Coast  are predicted to rise 15% over the next 3 years but quite slowly over the next 12 months. This growth is slower than Sydney which means you can sell in Sydney and take a profit but buy cheaply on the Gold Coast with fantastic opportunities…...Read More

The Difference Between Cheap and More Expensive Removalists

When moving house many things need to be considered, not the least of which is your budget. You may be tempted to take the cheapest quote but this can turn into the most expensive option in the long run. The furniture removals industry is not heavily regulated and there are many people who purchase any old truck to make a quick dollar who have little experience and very little equipment. The experts may make moving house look easy but in…...Read More

Moving Office Checklist

  MOVING OFFICE CHECKLIST TWO MONTHS BEFORE Set new furniture layout for private offices Set new furniture layout for common areas Confirm delivery dates for new furniture Tender for removalists Select representatives from departments to coordinate move 6 WEEKS BEFORE Assign rolls and responsibilities to team members Choose winning tender for removal Check insurance requirements for move and obtain Confirm incoming phone extension phone numbers Fix Seating assignments Assign extensions and direct dials Notify your insurer of relocation Issue insurance certificate…...Read More

To Do List: Before you move into your new home.

Organise pest contol. Make sure that all connections of services have been done. ( Gas, Water, Electricity, Phone and internet ) Change the locks and have keys cut. Check the smoke detectors are working and change the batteries. Have an emergency first aid kit on hand. Prepare your emergency evacuation plan. Have any repairs, painting and alterations done. Clean both the inside and outside. Make sure there is a clear path for the removalists to move your furniture in. Trim…...Read More

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