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Selecting The Best Newcastle Removalist

1 Value for Money When talking about Furniture Removal, value for money does not mean a cheap job: it means a good job at the right price. When your move's over and done with, you're going to want to be able to look back and feel it was worth it. There are numerous reasons why a cheap job doesn't equate to value for money, such as: Time  Inexperienced removalists take longer to do any job than experienced, professional ones. When…...Read More

The Stress of Moving

Moving house is one of the five most stressful events in a person's life. It ranks up there with losing a loved one, getting married and losing your job. It causes friction in relationships, and can be expensive. What can you do to make the experience less stressful? How can you reduce the impact on your family and can you make it more cost effective? The answer to these two questions above is yes, and for the most part having…...Read More

The Way I Used to Move

When I say the way I used to move I don’t mean when I was young and my joints didn’t protest as much, though that has some bearing on why I choose to move with Acrobat now. I would scavenge for boxes and pack everything myself and put all the clothes and linen into garbage bags. We would hire a moving truck and get our friends and family to help with the move and spend the next week sorting through…...Read More

Re-discovering Newcastle

It is sometimes easier as a tourist to see the highlights of your home town then for residents. This was brought home to me recently when I was discussing moving to Newcastle with a removalist customer. They were really enthusiastic about their upcoming move to our city and had done some great research into what could be found here and within a one hour drive of us. Things that I had taken for granted all my life this customer saw…...Read More

Packing Tips for Moving Home

Many people chose to save time and money by packing their own boxes for moving house. This is a great idea but needs to be done properly to prevent damages and to make the move run smoothly. If time is limited it can be quicker to leave it to the experts. There are limitations on transit insurance if you pack your own boxes.  That is why we have put together our list of packing tips for moving home. Good ideas…...Read More

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